Sorry State Records Visual Discography

Click on a release below for detailed pressing information

SSR7001 / SSR-01: Direct Control Nuclear Tomorrow 7″
SSR7002 / SSR-02: Koro 700 Club 7″
SSR7003 / SSR-03: Rabies Disease Core 7″
SSR12001 / SSR-04: Koro Speed Kills 12″
SSR-04.5: Cross Laws Can’t Sleep cassette / cdr
SSR12002 / SSR-05: Rabies Test Your Might 12″
SSR7004 / SSR-06: Christian Club Final Confession 7″
CL-01 / SSR-06.5: Cross Laws Behind the Curve 7″
CL-02 / SSR-07: Cross Laws Ancient Rites 7″
SSR-07.5: The Obtruders: Demo cassette / cdr
SSR-08: Bored to Death Bored to Death 7″
SSR-09: Crossed Eyes Rattled 7″
SSR-10: Double Negative: Raw Energy EP 7″
SSR-12: Instängd: Mitt Svar På Ingenting 7″
SSR-12.5: Logic Problem: Demo cassette
SSR-13: Smart Cops: Self-titled 7″
SSR-14: Logic Problem: S/T 7″
SSR-14.5: Video Disease: Demo cassette
SSR-15: Devour: S/T 12″
SSR-15.5: Under Al Kritik: Insomnia 7″
SSR-16: Shitty Limits: Espionage 7″
SSR-17: Shitty Limits: Here Are the Limits 7″
SSR-17.5: Shards: Demo cassette
SSR-18: Smart Cops: Cominciare a Vivere 7″
SSR-18.5: Tramps: Demo cassette
SSR-18.8: Shards: Suicide Sessions cassette
SSR-19: Shitty Limits: Beware the Limits 12″
SSR-20: Bukkake Boys: S/T (2nd) 7″
SSR-21: Thurneman: Tegelsten För Tegelsten 7″
SSR-22: UX Vileheads: Catch 22 7″
SSR-23: Wormeaters: Wardeath 7″
SSR-24: Libyans: A Common Place 12″
SSR-25: Double Negative: Daydreamnation 12″
SSR-26: Shards: S/T 12″
SSR-27: Citizens Patrol: S/T 12″
SSR-28: Manipulation: 2 7″
SSR-29: Mob Rules: The Donor 12″
SSR-30: Stripmines: Sympathy Rations 7″
SSR-31: Instängd: Drag Utan Drog 7″
SSR-32: Smart Cops: Per Proteggere E Servire 12″
SSR-33: Glöm Da! / Makabert Fynd: Split 12″
SSR-34: Dark Ages: Can America Survive? 12″
SSR-35: Double Negative: Hardcore Confusion Vol I 7″
SSR-36: Double Negative: Hardcore Confusion Vol II 7″
SSR-37: Whatever Brains: S/T 12″
SSR-38: Brain F≠: Sleep Rough 12″
SSR-39: Shitty Limits: Speculate/Accumulate 12″
SSR-40: UX Vileheads: Hardcore XI 12″
SSR-41: Joint D≠: Strike Gently 12″
SSR-42: Stripmines: Sympathy Rations 12″
SSR-42.5: Pure Scum: Demo cassette
SSR-43: Bukkake Boys: S/T 12″
SSR-44: Whatever Brains: Rapper’s Delight II 7″
SSR-45: Whatever Brains: S/T (2012) 12″
SSR-46: Whatever Brains: 4 Song EP 7″
SSR-47: Double Negative: Hits 7″
SSR-48: No Tomorrow: Nuclear Exposure 7″
SSR-49: Hygiene: S/T 7″
SSR-50: Double Negative: Hardcore Confusion Vol III+IV 7″
SSR-51: Rough Kids: The State I’m In 12″
SSR-52: Broken Prayer: S/T 12″
SSR-53: Sickoids: No Home 12″
SSR-54: Manipulation: S/T 12″
SSR-55: No Power: No Peace 12″
SSR-56: Whatever Brains: S/T (2013) 12″
SSR-58: Joint D≠: Satan Is Real Again, Again; or, Feeling Good About Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts 12″
SSR-60: Ruleta Rusa: No Aqui Es 12″
SSR-61: The #1s: Sharon 7″
SSR-62: The Love Triangle: Clever Clever 12″

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