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I managed to get out of town for the weekend, so there wasn’t too much label work. The orders piled up while I was away, so today will be a long day of packing and shipping records, but it’s hard to complain about that. This week I will definitely send out the distro email about the Logic Problem records, but first I may try and send out promos. Gotta build the hype…


I got the Logic Problem t-shirts and they look great! They’ve been added to the webstore… usually I don’t sell too many t-shirts in the webstore, but since these cost me a little more than usual I wanted to try and make my money back on them a bit more quickly. When I picked up the shirts the guy at the Merch said “make sure to use us again next time… we can do anything you want your name on.” I was just like “uh… no thanks.” I hit up some of my label- and band-running friends and found out where the good places to print are. I’m always struggling between whether I should support the local community or the punk community with my business, but the punk community is almost alwasy far cheaper, cooler and just as high-quality if not even better.


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