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SSR-11: Unreleased

SSR-11 was intended to be a compilation (7″ or 12″… I never quite got that far) of North Carolina hardcore bands. Three bands actually recorded for the comp:

  • Cross Laws recorded an alternate take of “Violent Disposition” (the other version is on the rejected test press of Ancient Rites, while the version intended for the comp eventually appeared on Abuse Records’ Cross Laws discography LP).
  • Crossed Eyes recorded a track during their 7″ session (though I don’t remember the title); this track remains unreleased.
  • Logic Problem recorded a track called “Creatures” during the session for their demo; ironically, it was probably the best song from the session, despite the fact that it was left off the demo. This track was eventually released as part of the digital version of the Logic Problem demo on BandCamp.

I think that one of the tracks from the aborted Street Sharks 7″ session may have also been intended for the comp.

Depending on when plans for the comp were finally canceled, other bands considered for inclusion may or may not have been Double Negative, Devour, and the Obtruders, but as far as I know none of those bands actually recorded.


Sorry State Records Visual Discography

Click on a release below for detailed pressing information

SSR7001 / SSR-01: Direct Control Nuclear Tomorrow 7″
SSR7002 / SSR-02: Koro 700 Club 7″
SSR7003 / SSR-03: Rabies Disease Core 7″
SSR12001 / SSR-04: Koro Speed Kills 12″
SSR-04.5: Cross Laws Can’t Sleep cassette / cdr
SSR12002 / SSR-05: Rabies Test Your Might 12″
SSR7004 / SSR-06: Christian Club Final Confession 7″
CL-01 / SSR-06.5: Cross Laws Behind the Curve 7″
CL-02 / SSR-07: Cross Laws Ancient Rites 7″
SSR-07.5: The Obtruders: Demo cassette / cdr
SSR-08: Bored to Death Bored to Death 7″
SSR-09: Crossed Eyes Rattled 7″
SSR-10: Double Negative: Raw Energy EP 7″
SSR-12: Instängd: Mitt Svar På Ingenting 7″
SSR-12.5: Logic Problem: Demo cassette
SSR-13: Smart Cops: Self-titled 7″
SSR-14: Logic Problem: S/T 7″
SSR-14.5: Video Disease: Demo cassette
SSR-15: Devour: S/T 12″
SSR-15.5: Under Al Kritik: Insomnia 7″
SSR-16: Shitty Limits: Espionage 7″
SSR-17: Shitty Limits: Here Are the Limits 7″
SSR-17.5: Shards: Demo cassette
SSR-18: Smart Cops: Cominciare a Vivere 7″
SSR-18.5: Tramps: Demo cassette
SSR-18.8: Shards: Suicide Sessions cassette
SSR-19: Shitty Limits: Beware the Limits 12″
SSR-20: Bukkake Boys: S/T (2nd) 7″
SSR-21: Thurneman: Tegelsten För Tegelsten 7″
SSR-22: UX Vileheads: Catch 22 7″
SSR-23: Wormeaters: Wardeath 7″
SSR-24: Libyans: A Common Place 12″
SSR-25: Double Negative: Daydreamnation 12″
SSR-26: Shards: S/T 12″
SSR-27: Citizens Patrol: S/T 12″
SSR-28: Manipulation: 2 7″
SSR-29: Mob Rules: The Donor 12″
SSR-30: Stripmines: Sympathy Rations 7″
SSR-31: Instängd: Drag Utan Drog 7″
SSR-32: Smart Cops: Per Proteggere E Servire 12″
SSR-33: Glöm Da! / Makabert Fynd: Split 12″
SSR-34: Dark Ages: Can America Survive? 12″
SSR-35: Double Negative: Hardcore Confusion Vol I 7″
SSR-36: Double Negative: Hardcore Confusion Vol II 7″
SSR-37: Whatever Brains: S/T 12″
SSR-38: Brain F≠: Sleep Rough 12″
SSR-39: Shitty Limits: Speculate/Accumulate 12″
SSR-40: UX Vileheads: Hardcore XI 12″
SSR-41: Joint D≠: Strike Gently 12″
SSR-42: Stripmines: Sympathy Rations 12″
SSR-42.5: Pure Scum: Demo cassette
SSR-43: Bukkake Boys: S/T 12″
SSR-44: Whatever Brains: Rapper’s Delight II 7″
SSR-45: Whatever Brains: S/T (2012) 12″
SSR-46: Whatever Brains: 4 Song EP 7″
SSR-47: Double Negative: Hits 7″
SSR-48: No Tomorrow: Nuclear Exposure 7″
SSR-49: Hygiene: S/T 7″
SSR-50: Double Negative: Hardcore Confusion Vol III+IV 7″
SSR-51: Rough Kids: The State I’m In 12″
SSR-52: Broken Prayer: S/T 12″
SSR-53: Sickoids: No Home 12″
SSR-54: Manipulation: S/T 12″
SSR-55: No Power: No Peace 12″
SSR-56: Whatever Brains: S/T (2013) 12″
SSR-58: Joint D≠: Satan Is Real Again, Again; or, Feeling Good About Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts 12″
SSR-60: Ruleta Rusa: No Aqui Es 12″
SSR-61: The #1s: Sharon 7″
SSR-62: The Love Triangle: Clever Clever 12″