A Legal Matter Baby

Earlier today, just about an hour before my two new releases were due to arrive, the mailman knocked on my door with a registered letter from Joseph Lamy, Esquire. Inside was a notice on behalf of his client, the Rhode Island rap-metal band Joint Damage, requesting that I cease and desist all use of that name on any media and merchandise.

After a little bit of freaking out, several chats with Nick from the identically-named band whose records were by now completely filling my front porch, consultations with helpful, knowledgeable people like Alex from Grave Mistake Records, Brent from Magic Bullet Records, and Jordan from Pastepunk.com (who is, usefully, an attorney for the US Patent and Trademark Office) we’ve decided that the best thing to do is comply with the notice and change the name of the band. Thankfully, the name of the band is not mentioned on the record cover, so the release will go on sale tomorrow as planned with no band name listed. The band are currently throwing around new names and should have a final choice in the next week or so, at which point I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Also, tomorrow I will be photocopying the shit out of that cease and desist letter, and a copy will be included with all first press copies of the LP.



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  3. JDfan#1

    Not sure if you’re aware but this is exactly why you do your research before naming any business, label, product name etc.

    This video is from December of ’08 featuring Ami James’ personal jeweler. Why did you not see this when you started out? This is not even the oldest video posted. It all comes down to research. You cant fail without it. As far as all these labels Like “Rap-Metal” and “Funk-Metal” were all generated in these forums. So blame yourselves for that. I do not represent Joint Damage but I am a huge fan, amongst thousands of others, (literally). You do your thing and they’ll do theirs I’m sure. This is just a whiny emo way to stir up a following.

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