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Yesterday was a BIG order day… I had a stack of packages over two feet tall. It was one of those days where the people at the Post Office visibly try to avoid helping me… when I was next in line two cashiers mysteriously had to vanish for several minutes until I had been helped by someone else. You’d think they would be nicer to those of us who keep them in business, but I guess I understand where they’re coming from.

Still haven’t sent out the distro email, mostly because I want to get on top of the Devour release before I get swamped with packing up distro orders and trades. Today I finalized the artwork for the CD face and finally put together the master CD, which was a little more difficult this time because the last track is a 50-minute bonus track full of outtakes, practice tapes, an entire live set recorded from the soundboard and a few other oddities. I still have to give the CD a thorough listen to make sure that it doesn’t skip or do anything else weird, but it’s good to have that off my plate. I also have to design the back cover of the LP jacket, but I’m waiting to see if any good photos come out of Friday’s show. I was thinking that if it takes too long to get those covers I can do 100 screen-printed covers with an alternate design and that would make for a good limited edition. I was going through a bunch of my drawings from high school the other day and found one that would be perfect, I just have to figure out the logistics of having it printed up. Not only would that help us to have something to sell by my goal of August 22 (when we’re playing a show with the Reprobates from Canada), but also that would be a good way to recoup my expenses quickly since I would sell all of those for full retail price.

I also had an ebay coupon that was about to expire so I ordered some canvas bags, which I’m going to screen the Sorry State logo onto. I’ve seen a lot of businesses do this, but no record labels just yet. I think I’m going to sell them for $5 or give them away with distro purchases of $75 or more… perhaps that’ll encourage people to throw a few old releases in their cart to put them over that threshold. Either that or I’ll still be putting groceries in them when I’m a senior citizen. We’ll see.

Finally, I managed to send out promos! My promo list is only about 8 entries long, but I sent the newest releases out to all of them. I’ve always been good about getting my releases to MRR since a review there is so important, and Al Quint gets most of them pretty quickly, but I think I really dropped the ball by not giving more attention to Razorcake. That’s a big magazine that could introduce my releases to a whole different scene, but I just never sent or followed up on promos out of sheer laziness. Being the cool guys that they are, Razorcake even contacted ME about getting copies of the Crossed Eyes single just because they liked it so much. I’ve always felt a little dirty doing publicity work, so I guess that’s why I have such trouble putting real effort into it.

Hours spent on the label in the past two days: about 8


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