Whatever Brains: Record Store Day Exclusive EP!

They’re finally here! Sorry State’s first Record Store Day exclusive just arrived: a new 4-song EP from Whatever Brains! This features 4 new tracks: “Looking at the Rats” (originally by Double Negative), “Can’t Make Love” (originally by Wall of Voodo), a freaky-deaky demo version of “Shelves,” and a sick remix of “You’re Melting.” This is limited to only 220 hand-numbered copies, and will be available on Record Store Day from the following stores:

Lunchbox Records (Charlotte, NC)
Bull City Records (Durham, NC)
Vinyl Conflict Records (Richmond, VA)
All Day Records (Carrboro, NC)
In the Groove Records (Raleigh, NC)
CD Alley (Chapel Hill, NC)
641RPM Records (Boone, NC)
Schoolkids Records (Raleigh, NC)

The band will also have a few copies available at their upcoming shows (including their 2nd LP record release show, April 26 @ King’s in Raleigh) and I MAY have a few available in the webstore next week if all of them don’t sell out right away. I hope they do, though, because this release is a way to say thanks to all of the great local retailers who have supported Sorry State Records so much the past few years. Thanks guys, and I hope you have a great day on Saturday!



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