We have a ton of stuff in for you today! The one I’m most excited about is Pisse’s Kohlrubenwinter 7″. Frantic German punk with some dark melodic synth, I’m having a hard time taking it off the turntable. Also from Philidelphia we have Alement with some raw crust vibes. New music for your cranium also from Brain Vacation and Brain Fever. Also for the metal heads, new albums from Lesbian and Nightbringer. Also we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Halvfabrikat Records and will be carrying a ton of titles from them like Link, Future Ruins, Konfrontation and a ton more. Those will be going up in the store all day so keep an eye out! #punxxx #rawpunk #crust #halvfabrikat #hallucinogenisis #nightbringer #brainvacation #brainfever #pisse #alement #absolutist #crustpunk

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2pj7qD6

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