Sorry State Partners with In the Groove Records in Raleigh

For years, Raleigh, North Carolina has had one of the strongest punk and hardcore scenes in the world, yet local kids have lacked a space to actually buy punk records. Well, finally that is changing. Back in January a new record store called In the Groove Records opened up on Glenwood Ave in Raleigh. Though owner Greg Rollins’ initial plan was to stock used vinyl exclusively, I proposed the idea of setting aside a section of the store for me to stock with a selection of punk and hardcore records. Greg was amenable to the idea, and now In the Groove is the first and only Raleigh store where you can actually buy punk and hardcore vinyl.

As you can see from the photo above, my goal is to keep the punk section stocked with a mix of classics, local music, and the best new releases. Right now you can pick up copies of every Sorry State release currently in print (and on limited color vinyl where available!), a big selection of reissues and punk classics from labels like SST, Frontier, Havoc, and others, and a strong selection of the best new punk and hardcore releases from all over the world. While everything listed on Sorry State’s webstore isn’t currently available in the store, looking at the kinds of things I stock online will give you a good indication of what’s in the store. And if there’s something you want from the web site that isn’t in the store I’d be happy to drop off a copy.

In the Groove Records is located at 14 Glenwood Ave South, Raleigh NC 27603. Their hours are W-F: 11am – 6pm and Sat-Sun: 12pm – 5pm. I usually add new stock to the punk bins on Wednesday afternoons, and sometimes at other points during the week as well. Drop by sometime, buy a few records, and bring your old used vinyl to Greg to keep his used bins stocked with great stuff too!


One comment

  1. obscureandoblique

    It has been great watching peoples reactions when they start flipping through the bin that Daniel has filled. Kids are walking and riding their bikes to come buy records that they are excited about. They get it, I get it, 40+ year olds rediscovering a beloved time get it. You can always re-teach old dogs the old tricks. Teaching the new dogs the old way of going to a store to buy a record is priceless.

    This is a bin of completely stupid stuff by the way. Daniel is providing a very deep selection from Sorry State and his disrto.

    I had a shop full of Punks last Friday.
    One of them bought ” Birds Of Fire ”
    by The Mahavishnu Orchestra.

    Mind blown.


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